Site Issues and Limited-Edition Comics

January 21st, 2015

TOstrich, Hippo and Jesus Limited Edition Series 1he site has been messed up due to server changes I wasn’t aware were happening. But don’t worry, Jesus is busy fixing it as we speak.

Limited-edition “Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass” glossy comic pages are now available in the online store. Collect all three sets! Once these are gone, they are gone forever. The #0001 edition will be available at Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago later this week.

I put out some free DVDs, Blu-rays and glossy cards at Star Clipper and Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis today. I am sure the DVDs are gone by now but there will still be glossy collectible cards.


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Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Blu-ray!

January 8th, 2015


Everyone’s favorite Ostrich, Hippo and Jesus are coming to remastered Blu-ray and DVD later this year. Both formats contain buried treasures, most of which will also be in High Definition. You will see the crisp crayon color and crap animation like never before! Just be sure to hide your movie candies because Jesus is feeling devilishly greedy as usual.

Bonus features include: “Teaser Trailer”, “Official Trailer”, “Alternate Ending”, “Uncensored Ending”, “Show Me Con 2007″, “Tha After Skool Special” and “Tha Christmus Special” (Some Bonus features May Not be in High Definition)

Ostrich, Hippo and Jesus on Grass Tha Moovy

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The Wish Fish Family on Blu-ray!

January 4th, 2015


Wish Fish Banner

Ever wanted to see the terrible animation of “The Wish Fish Family” in high definition? Well now you can! The first fourteen episodes of the series are coming to Blu-ray later this year. The set will also include rare bonus features, including a remastered episode of “Spike & Johnny” where the Wish Fish makes his first animated appearance. So join Harold, Helen and Junior in over 150 minutes of offensive fun!

“The Wish Fish Family” will also be re-released on a two-disc DVD, including episode fourteen for the first time ever!

Episodes include: “My Son, the Rainbow Fish”, “My Two Sons”, “Mon frère le poisson-chat”, “My Babysitter, the Fish F–ker”, “My Ex-Boyfriend’s Back”, “A Thin Line Between Hate and Hate”, “The Fish Family”, “Southern Fried Fish”, “Eat Sh-t N’ Dine”, “Hovering Outside the Fire”, “Fish of the Day”, “Here Today, Gone Tumor-row”, “Go F–k a Duck!” and “The Queen is Dead”

Bonus features include: “The Politically Correct Version”, “Behind-the-Scenes”, “Spike & Johnny”, “The Best of Harold”, “Ryan’s Award Acceptance”, “Cox 6 News”, “Original DVD Commercial” and Trailers (Bonus features May Not be in High Definition)

The Wish Fish Family DVD


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The Wish Fish Family Episode 15 Press Release

August 3rd, 2014


After Harold sees an abortion performed at Dr. Whitey’s clinic he decides to become an OB/GYN. He is shocked to find daily violent protests outside the office that threaten not only his job, but the precious lives of the entire medical staff.

“Fetal Attraction” is the fifteenth episode of the animated web series “The Wish Fish Family”. It will be available online on YouTube and in 2015.

The Wish Fish Family Episode 15 Press Image

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The Wish Fish Family 8th Anniversary

August 3rd, 2014

Celebrate eight long, miserable years of The Wish Fish Family on our Facebook page as I release behind-the-scenes stories and my top eight favorite episodes of the series.

The Wish Fish Family 8th Anniversary

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Trailer Park Boys Cartoon

June 6th, 2014

Here is a short cartoon I did of the Trailer Park Boys for a contest over at Swearnet.

Trailer Park Boys Cartoon Trip

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Get Ready

May 14th, 2014

Some big things are on the way. Not regarding FARToons, but another animated project I will be working on with Larry Longstreth and the one and only Dian Bachar (“Cannibal! The Musical”, “Orgazmo”, “BASEketball”, South Park). We will be needing your support. To get started be sure to like Eddy Spaghetti Productions on Facebook.

Dian Bachar

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13th Anniversary Craptacular Segments

February 23rd, 2014

Here are some segments I animated for the public screening of “The FARToons 13th Anniversary Craptacular”. A big thanks to those of you who came. Everyone else, enjoy these poorly animated short videos.

Harry & Terry Segment

Merely Meerkats Segment

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The Wish Fish Family – Episode #14

February 22nd, 2014

The new episode of The Wish Fish Family is now available online. Thank you to everyone who attended “The FARToons 13th Anniversary Craptacular” last night.

The Wish Fish Family – Episode 14 – The Queen is Dead

When Junior is nominated for prom queen he decides to show up in drag. Harold is completely disgusted by his son’s new fetish and plots to humiliate him at the school dance.

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The Best of FARToons – Volume 1

January 23rd, 2014

“The Best of FARToons – Volume 1″ is now available for pre-order through Paypal! The DVD will ship next month!

The Best of FARToons DVDThe Best of FARToons – Volume 1

The best cartoons from the past thirteen years of FARToons Productions are now on DVD for the first time! This collection contains 22 of the most crude, relentless and offensive web toons in history. You will get the chance to sing perverted songs with Barney the Dinosaur, party with drunken meerkats and have a racist fish grant all of your darkest wishes! No one is safe so put on your toughest battle armor and prepare to defend all that you hold sacred. (96 Min.)


“Barney Commercials – Episodes #4-9″, “MacRuff the Crime Dog – Episodes #2-3″, “Harry &Terry Episodes – #1-2″, “The Wish Fish Family – Episodes #9-13″, “Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass – Episodes #1-4″, “Merely Meerkats – Episode #1″, “Liquor Goblin – Episode #1″, “A Great Day to be a Fish”

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