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The Harry & Terry Diaries – Part 1

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

I don’t normally do this, but I am going to showcase artwork here from my upcoming cartoon Harry & Terry. I rewrote the script three times and I’m working on the characters and backgrounds for the new version. Everything is classic Flash cutout style. You can tell it in the characters and the backgrounds. This a style I’ve never really taken on before so we’ll have to see how it works out. It will end up looking pretty simplistic, which is good for web toons anyway. You can crank out more episodes faster. I’m still not sure how I will approach the more difficult bits of animation yet. Probably as simply as I can.

You’ll notice there are only two angles of Harry right now. That is because I know they’re the only angles I’ll need for this cartoon. If I need other angles later I’ll have to make them. Terry, on the other hand, will have multiple angles.

The bedroom scene is only going to be for one quick shot. It was a lot of work for only a few seconds of video.


The Beatles References in ‘The Wish Fish Family’

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

As I have mentioned before, episode eleven of The Wish Fish Family had numerous references to The Beatles. I decided to post some of the references that I remember.


  • When Bass bows after their performances.
  • Brian Epstein, who discovered The Beatles, was also gay.
  • The black and white crowd footage is from The Beatles first appearance in The Ed Sullivan Show.
  • There is a framed photo of The Beatles in Bass’ dressing room.
  • Junior dying and being replaced by a look alike is reference to the “The Real Paul McCartney is Dead” conspiracy. A Paul McCartney look alike competition really did take place in the sixties.
  • Fahn is based on John Lennon. The name “Fahn” comes from “Fake John”, similar to Paul being called “Faul”, short for “Fake Paul”.
  • Fahn mentions laying in bed for a week and eating chocolate cake out of a bag. This is reference to the song “The Ballad of John and Yoko”.
  • Fahn claims to be leaving the band for Yoko Ono, which is what people blamed for The Beatles’ break up in 1970.
  • Harold tells Fahn that he hopes he dies when he’s forty. John Lennon was assassinated when he was forty years old.
  • “From the crapper-most to the tap her roast” references the John Lennon quote, “The toppermost of the poppermost!”
  • The Paul McCartney song “When I’m Sixty-four” plays during the end credits.
  • After the end credits Harold says “I buried Junior” backwards. This comes from “I buried Paul” backwards in the song “Strawberry Fields”.