Creator Bio

Cat RyanRyan fell in love with animation at an early age and knew he wanted to pursue a career in the field before he even entered kindergarten. By the age of five he had already begun creating his own original characters he fantasized would one day come to life.

In 2000 Ryan created the cheezy short story series “The Totally Fucked Up Adventures of Herman the Cheese Man”, about an all-American piece of Swiss cheese who had a disturbing poop fetish. In 2001 he quit writing Herman to work on his infamous audio sketch series Coach & Russell. This was Ryan’s first taste of fame, and he liked it. He would hear his fellow classmates quote his sketches as he walked down the high school halls. He kept the series running for two years before he quit to spend more time animating in Macromedia Flash.

In 2002 Ryan finished his first original animated cartoon entitled “Eye Can’t Make It”, which revolved around the cartoon cat he created in kindergarten. He continued making short cartoons in high school, including “Spike & Johny”“Chef Bonerappetite”, and “ICEE the BIG PICTURE”. College led to more successful animated endeavors with a series of Barney the Dinosaur parodies and his first original web series The Wish Fish Family. In 2004 he completed an hour-long cartoon based on his comic book characters from Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass. Ryan has worked on over sixty animated cartoons using only his home computer since 2002 when he introduced FARToons to the world. He has also produced over one-hundred short live-action films using his digital video camera and Adobe Premiere.

In 2013 Ryan interned at Coolfire Studios in St. Louis, Missouri where he video logged for the Nickelodeon TV series “Mom Friends Forever”. He also worked on an animated pitch called Mitch and Tanner Save America! with Dian Bachar, Jason McHugh (“Cannibal! The Musical”, “Orgazmo”, “BASEketball”) and filmmaker Larry Longstreth of Eddy Spaghetti Productions.

Ryan graduated from Webster University with a bachelor’s degree in Animation, where he won several awards for his cartoons, videos and web site.