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The Best of FARToons – Volume 1

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

“The Best of FARToons – Volume 1” is now available for pre-order through Paypal! The DVD will ship next month!

The Best of FARToons DVDThe Best of FARToons – Volume 1

The best cartoons from the past thirteen years of FARToons Productions are now on DVD for the first time! This collection contains 22 of the most crude, relentless and offensive web toons in history. You will get the chance to sing perverted songs with Barney the Dinosaur, party with drunken meerkats and have a racist fish grant all of your darkest wishes! No one is safe so put on your toughest battle armor and prepare to defend all that you hold sacred. (96 Min.)


“Barney Commercials – Episodes #4-9”, “MacRuff the Crime Dog – Episodes #2-3”, “Harry &Terry Episodes – #1-2”, “The Wish Fish Family – Episodes #9-13”, “Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass – Episodes #1-4”, “Merely Meerkats – Episode #1”, “Liquor Goblin – Episode #1”, “A Great Day to be a Fish”

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FARToons 12th Anniversary

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

To celebrate twelve years of FARToons Productions I will be giving away twelve FREE DVD Samplers at Vintage Vinyl in the St. Louis Loop. Each DVD is forty-seven minutes long and includes such classics as Merely Meerkats, Harry & Terry, The Wish Fish Family and more! They are gonna go fast because people like to throw away free stuff! So hang around The Loop Friday afternoon and come say “hi”.

FARToons Productions 12th Anniversary!

FARToons Sampler


Merely Meerkats Game Coming Soon!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Merely MeerkatsI have teamed up with Happy Badger Studio to create a Merely Meerkats app for the iPhone. It is a game where you play as Ferdy trying to catch alcohol. Just watch out for poop and diapers. Get Ferdy good and drunk to try and get the high score. Sounds fun, right? I hope so because my friend is working hard on it. I, however, am doing pretty much nothing. Good deal.

As far as The Wish Fish Family Episode #10 goes, I haven’t worked on it since February. I am just not happy with it. I don’t know if I will finish it or not. I have taken a break from animation. A terrible idea I know, but I am just burnt out since Merely Meerkats did not get into the New York Television Festival. I’m not saying it deserved to, but I still worked hard on it and it bums me out. So anyway, if you want Wish Fish #10 you are gonna have to demand it.