Harry & Terry Characters

Harry Hare

Harry is everything that an animal could ever want to be. Smart, charming and good-looking, Harry is the most valued employee at Badger Telemarketing. His best friend and roommate Terry Tortoise can only dream of being as successful, and Harry’s achievements make him all the more self-loathing. Harry is constantly trying to help Terry break out of his shell and become a functioning part of society. Despite being Terry’s only real friend and confidant, Harry rarely listens to what Terry is actually saying. His positive thinking outshines all of the negativity that spews out of Terry’s mouth. Harry is a kind, caring friend who always does what he feels is best for others.

Terry Tortoise

Terry sees life for what it truly is; a scary, dangerous and despicable place. His phobias and mental illnesses keep him from enjoying anything in life. In all fairness he just wants out, so he is always contemplating suicide. His low self-esteem and anti-social behavior make him a terrible employee so he is always on the brink of being fired. He hates going out in public and avoids human interaction as much as possible. Terry would much rather stay locked away in his room than face the humilities awaiting him on the outside. Harry is Terry’s only friend and confidant, but he is also very jealous of Harry’s normality and accomplishments. Despite his envy, Harry is quite possibly the only thing that gives Terry some sort of sanity in such a seemingly hopeless world.