Merely Meerkats Game Coming Soon!

April 12th, 2012

Merely MeerkatsI have teamed up with Happy Badger Studio to create a Merely Meerkats app for the iPhone. It is a game where you play as Ferdy trying to catch alcohol. Just watch out for poop and diapers. Get Ferdy good and drunk to try and get the high score. Sounds fun, right? I hope so because my friend is working hard on it. I, however, am doing pretty much nothing. Good deal.

As far as The Wish Fish Family Episode #10 goes, I haven’t worked on it since February. I am just not happy with it. I don’t know if I will finish it or not. I have taken a break from animation. A terrible idea I know, but I am just burnt out since Merely Meerkats did not get into the New York Television Festival. I’m not saying it deserved to, but I still worked hard on it and it bums me out. So anyway, if you want Wish Fish #10 you are gonna have to demand it.


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